Benefiting Your Entire Team

Change is never easy, but the quest for continued operational and financial improvement requires that we abhor complacency and search for ways to maintain a competitive advantage.  That being said, it is critical that any potential changes are fully examined before implementation and that they take into consideration the knowledge and expertise of internal personnel.  In keeping with this, the Seva solution is designed to support property personnel and the exploratory process works to capture buy-in from every member of your team prior to program rollout.

General Managers, Executives & Owners

The benefit of Seva Procurement membership for General Managers, Executives and Owners is simple—a more consistent product that improves guest satisfaction, all with a 10-30% reduction in the cost of goods.  In addition to a more consistent product and lower costs, Seva provides technology solutions that greatly increase purchasing control to ensure that the entire team is executing the purchasing function in keeping with organizational standards.  While Seva firmly believes in procurement best practices that recommend the streamlining of products and suppliers across a property whenever appropriate, unlike other procurement organizations, Seva also recognizes that the most important part of your business is producing happy guests and that this is never possible without happy employees.  Seva is fully committed to ensuring that program rollout is inclusive and recognizes the talent of your team so as to not create resentment or unnecessary internal challenges.  When properly implemented, the Seva Procurement program is a win for everyone!

Hotel Financial Managers, Controllers & CFOs

Of all the hospitality positions that exist, Seva Procurement probably gets more sales calls from this category than any other.  While every position and department sees incredible value from program participation, Hotel Financial Managers live every day trying to promote the controls and best practices ingrained in the Seva Procurement solutions. From lower costs through our contracted programs to our technology solutions that provide purchase order workflow controls tied to departmental general ledger budgets, Seva will improve any hotel operator's financial statement.  To top it off, SevaNet provides for full accounting integrations that allow property purchases to be fed into accounts payable systems, after undergoing a three-way matching process, greatly increasing accuracy and efficiency within your department.

Purchasing Directors

Seva Procurement is a great tool for Purchasing Directors. We work as an extension of your procurement team, providing access to leveraged contracts that supplement your current agreements. Additionally, our brand expertise and technology solutions provide hospitality procurement directors access to powerful resources and tools to manage their spend.  Rather than seeking to duplicate or replace the function of Hospitality Purchasing Directors, Seva Procurement seeks to turbo-charge their ability to meet organizational and departmental requests.  By tasking Seva Procurement to routinely research and present various product and supplier options based on internal requirements, Hospitality Purchasing Managers will find that they are able to shine by providing a wider range of options at more competitive pricing to their internal stakeholders.

Housekeeping/Rooms Directors

Let Seva Procurement lighten your load by having us take care of product research, recommendations and supplier negotiations.  No procurement company makes the transition to a purchasing program easier for Housekeeping & Rooms Directors than Seva Procurement.  We full recognize all of the hard work that has gone in to selecting operational supplies & equipment for your rooms that meet both budgetary and quality standards.  Because of this, Seva is committed to maintaining these standards while we seek to lower your costs.  Further, by providing you with access to products that lower your costs and enable you to come in significantly under budget, Housekeeping Directors often find they have room to increase the thread count of their linens, upgrade their terry or move up to a higher-end amenity program.  Best of all, Seva Procurement will listen to your requirements and preferences and will work to source multiple options so we can present back to you and your team for decision--we will do all of the heavy lifting!

Department Heads

Seva Procurement will improve the bottom line of any hospitality department budget. Additionally, the multi-vendor, web-based order portal gives every manager access to complete catalogs and pricing so they can review available options and stay abreast of trends. The SevaNet purchase order functionality also enables department heads the ability to delegate the ordering process to other department personnel to help develop their skills, while providing you with a copy of the electronic purchase order for approval before being submitted to the supplier.  With Seva Procurement, Department Heads can rest assured that the last thing we want to do is lower product quality standards in pursuit of lower pricing.  Rather, our objective is to listen to you and your team so that we can fully understand your prior purchasing decisions and procurement objectives.  In so doing, Seva will be able to become an extension of your department, researching suppliers and products that meet your objectives, but that may have been financially unattainable  prior to having access to Seva's contracted programs.  

Chefs and F&B Directors

Seva Procurement is an incredible time-saver for Chefs and Food & Beverage Directors. With our online order portal and negotiated product contracts, Chefs can easily build order guides and search for products without having to worry about bidding out products and reviewing invoice line-items to validate purchasing. Additionally, because product bidding is no longer necessary, Chefs will experience a dramatic increase in product consistency.  However, Seva fully recognizes that food and supplier selection is a very personal and important part of the culinary process.  In fact, Seva's President, Stuart Amoriell, earned his stripes as a Food & Beverage Director for four and five star, Relais & Chateaux properties and has been completely committed to ensuring that the Seva Procurement program never asks a Chef to compromise their talent in pursuit of simply lower prices.  Seva is committed to providing hotel Chefs and Food & Beverage Directors with access to industry-leading suppliers of regional meat, seafood, dairy and produce, along with broadline grocery, paper, china and smallware suppliers.