Food Cost Control Spreadsheet Downloads

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Restaurant Product Variance Spreadsheet-High Volume Independent Operators

One of the best ways to attack your food cost is by routinely completing a variance report for your top products.  This spreadsheet will enable you to enter the portion sizes of the products you are tracking for each applicable menu item, along with the number of items sold in order to create an ideal usage volume for the items being tracked.  Based on this data, you can begin examining your operations to uncover the cause of the variances.

Restaurant Inventory Count Sheet Template & Extension Calculator

Use this basic template to create restaurant inventory count sheets and to calculate product value extensions.  This is a component of the Restaurant Inventory & Product Management Program, but can be used as a stand-alone tool.

Restaurant and Hotel P&L Budget Spreadsheet

Use this powerful spreadsheet to create budgets and profit and loss statements for restaurants and hotels.

Restaurant Inventory & Product Management Program

Our most powerful spreadsheet bundle, containing a Master Product Guide to track all of your inventoried and purchased items, Recipe Cards that automatically update costs based on the Master Product Guide updates, an Ideal Food Cost Calculator that automatically generates ideal food costs based on information collected in the other spreadsheets, a Product Order Guide for placing orders and a Cost of Goods Sold Generator that includes both physical count sheets based on the Master Product Guideand a food cost generator.

Restaurant Ideal Food Cost Spreadsheet Calculator

Almost every restaurant and food service operator in the country shares a similar monthly routine—the completion of a product inventory and the subsequent generation of a food cost percentage.  This process not only enables the creation of a restaurant profit and loss statement that illustrates the financial health of the business, but can also uncover operational performance issues.  Unfortunately, not as common among restaurant operators is the generation of a theoretical food cost that can supplement the benefit of an actual food cost percentage by providing a food cost target or baseline.  This spreadsheet will enable the quick calculation of an ideal food cost for your restaurant.

Restaurant Menu Engineering Spreadsheet

Almost every penny of profit that is driven to the bottom line starts as revenue from someone ordering a menu item.  Prices and popularity of your menu items determine how much of this revenue makes it to the bottom line, and how much is absorbed by operating costs.  This spreadsheet enables you to compare which items have the best profit margin (menu price – food cost), as well as which items have the best contribution profit (profit margin X number of items sold).  Using this information, you can determine which items you may want to consider removing from the menu, which items you should position in prime spots to increase sales, and which items need some thought regarding how to make them more profitable or more popular.

Download a version that is more compatible and without the visual basic macros.

Daily Restaurant Sales & Labor Cost Pro Forma

Our experience has shown us that even the best operators can benefit from the use of sales and labor budgeting tools.  This free restaurant sales and labor cost budget spreadsheet enables you to budget for your anticipated revenue, and then schedule accordingly.  This sheet can display any variances between your labor cost expense and your actual figures.

Restaurant Yield Analysis Calculator

Shrinkage, trim and loss through waste can have a significant impact on the edible portion cost of items when you cut your own meats, make batch recipes, prepare produce or cook bulk items.  The difference between the edible portion cost and the “as purchased” portion cost must be frequently monitored to ensure proper menu item pricing, employee performance with respect to achieving acceptable yield levels and product quality assurance.  Pricing your menu items based on an incorrect edible portion cost, having employees fail to trim meats properly or receiving inferior products from suppliers that result in reduced yields can all have disastrous effects on your food cost.  To help you keep track of your yield performance, you can use the simple yield calculator in this spreadsheet.