Our Values

About Us

Seva Procurement™ is an advocate for the hospitality and multi-unit food service operator. Founded in 2010, Seva Procurement ™ is fast becoming known as the industry’s most innovative cost control and procurement services organization due to our unique approach and proprietary technology. Our members leverage over $1 billion in purchasing power and have access to a contracted network of thousands of suppliers that cover a wide range of products and services at “best-in-nation” prices.

What We Do

We understand that every business is unique and our goal is to understand your specific operational requirements to develop the right procurement solution and strategy for your business.  Our contracted products cover quality tiers from good to great, enabling us to find the right products for your business.  In addition to the “best-in-nation” pricing we have established due to our contracting expertise and purchasing leverage, our technology solutions provide members powerful e-procurement and spend management tools to improve operational efficiency and quality standards.

Core Values


As evident by the unique composition of our Advisory Board, Seva Procurement seeks to give all stake-holders a say in the direction and continued development of the company.


Seva Procurement is driven to remain on the cutting edge of our field.  All stake-holders are encouraged to be constantly engaged in all aspects of daily operations and to think of creative ways that Seva Procurement can continue to be the fastest growing procurement services company in North America.


Every operational decision is guided by a commitment to the highest possible integrity standards.  We hold true to the cliché that “integrity is not a sometimes thing, either you have it or you don’t.”  In keeping with this, we maintain the same integrity standards with every partner, supplier, employee or member.


In today’s world, it has become impossible to ignore the impact that humanity and businesses world-wide are having on our environment.  With this understanding, Seva Procurement is driven to uncover better, more sustainable solutions for our partners and members, as well as maintaining environmentally responsible internal business practices.