Seva & Six Sigma

Unlike other hospitality segments, the independent, luxury, boutique and resort segments are characterized by a high degree of specialized, departmental knowledge that provides a property with both the ability to differentiate themselves in the market and the resources necessary to provide a product and service that exceed guest expectations.  Recognizing this truth, Seva Procurement works with departmental personnel to provide solutions tailored to their needs, rather than providing a "greatest common denominator" purchasing group.  To facilitate this process, Seva relies on proven Six Sigma principles to identify where improvement can be made, while protecting the uniqueness of each property.  Our belief is that through Six Sigma, our properties can their personnel can make data-driven decisions that seek to balance and rationalize product quality with guest satisfaction and financial goals.


In this stage of the process, Seva seeks to clarify the problem to be solved and the goals to be achieved.  Specifically, Seva will work with department heads and leadership to identify and define the project goals.


Document the baseline performance of the process and validate the measurement.  During this phase, Seva will collect and analyze current data to determine current performance levels and identify the gap between desired results.


During this stage, Seva will analyze operational policies and procedures to identify root causes and quantify effects on process performance.  The ultimate goal of this step is identify the issues or problems causing current performance to fall short of objectives.


Once potential issues have been identified, Seva shall work to develop, select and test best practices while minimizing the risk of change within your organization.


Ensure the solutions are permanently embedded in the process with robust controls to ensure sustainability and consistency.